This is my fourth year serving as Advance Training Coach for the Red Power Divas. The program has the objective of helping you become fitter and faster. Many Red Power Divas and Divos participated in our Advance Training Program in 2013-2015, and found that it really helped them achieve their race goals.


In the past, I have served as Head Coach for Team in Training (TNT), and I’ve coached other programs similar to the Red Power Divas. My goal is to help you become a better runner. If you’re a walker and you want to incorporate running into your training plan, I’m here to help you reach that goal. I’ve completed more than 20 marathons and 25 half marathons, and I look forward to sharing my experience and support with you in the 2016 season. I'm also an Ambassador for the San Francisco Marathon and Berkeley Half Marathon.

Stan Tsu

Head Coach, Advance Training

PO Box 261

Campbell, CA 95009-0261

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