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Pam Walke

Assistant Program Manager

Level 2 Coach

Three years ago I bought my first Fit Bit. I was trying to find ways to get more exercise and keep myself invested and engaged in these activities. The Fit Bit became my “walking partner,” so my journey into “walking” had begun.


I would walk regularly on weekends and also track my 10,000+ steps daily at work.  Eventually, I decided to start participating in 5K events for charity. This helped me maintain my enthusiasm for walking because it made my efforts feel meaningful, not just to myself, but to those who may be helped by the funds raised from these events. . I encouraged some members of my family to join me during these walks, which made me realize that there can be so much more fulfillment in walking and staying active, when you do it with others. The encouragement and comradery became so very important to me.


I had seen the RED Power Divas at of at many 5K events, and realized that they were a group of caring people that I could join and find the encouragement and comradery that I was looking for.


As one of the newest members to the RPD Board, I look forward to helping in any way I can to reach out to more people, who are looking for ways to stay active and maintain good health. My goal is to help others realize the fun and health benefits of staying active.

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