Nancy Hurd

Director of Membership

I joined the Red Power Divas at the Rock & Roll expo in their inaugural year. A group of us from work were training at Campbell Park on Sunday mornings for the San Jose Rock and Roll that year. While we were on the trail we would talk about how we wished there was a group that provided what the RPDs were providing. I remember I bought the shirt at the expo and wore it to the half marathon. I had absolutely no idea what it meant to be a Red Power Diva, but the support I received on the course that day was amazing.  I may not be an outgoing person and group situations aren’t always my favorite, but I enjoy being able to help other people reach their goals. To see someone thrive is a wonderful feeling, and that is why I am excited to be a coach this season.

I have bounced back and forth through the years with my fitness. When I train with the RPDs I am more focused and able to deal with life better. I have completed many 5K races on my own and with the Divas, and made it ¾ of the way through two half marathons training on my own. My favorite races have been the ones I do with my grandson Channing.  My personal goal this year is to rehabilitate from back surgery I had at the end and beginning of the year and to walk the Santa Rosa Snoopy 5K with Channing in August.

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