Nancy Caldwell

Nan Caldwell

Team 2 Coach

I have been a Red Power Diva since 2010 and have enjoyed all six years. I started when I retired from teaching and wanted to stay healthy in a fun way. Becoming a coach was not one of my goals; however, after I was asked, I decided that I wanted to show others that walking and running don't have to be work, but enjoyment.


In this group, friendships come easy as everyone is so welcoming and outgoing. When Diva Priscilla and I started talking on the trail, we were surprised sometimes how far we had walked. Finding that special friend really kept me going on the trail. My fitness journey had begun. We would alternate walking and jogging, encouraging and supporting each other. One race led to another. We were feeling good about the races. We may have been slow at the beginning, but we persevered. Soon we became more confident in ourselves and started running more and walking less. Now, all I do is jog. It has become part of my life and I look forward to jogging several times a week.


I have completed four half marathons, and many 5Ks and 10Ks. The Red Power Divas changed my life in a very positive way. My personal goal this season is to stay healthy and jog three miles, four or five times a week. RED ROCKS!