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Lucie Magana

Core/Strength/Speed Training Coach

Level 1 Coach

Hello! I’m Lucie, also known as Half Fanatic #13298 (more about that in a moment). I joined the Red Power Divas in 2015, after reading an article in Runner’s World and realizing how lucky to have them pretty much right in my own backyard. Years ago, I was a coach to a juniors fencing team, and I’m so excited to be a coach again because I love to share knowledge and experiences, and there’s nothing as great as helping someone to achieve their goals!


Before joining RPD, I completed several 5k’s and my first half marathon in 2014. My half marathon training was a walk/run plan I found online and course support was my dashing husband who rode his bike around the trail and carried extra water and ice. When the race came, I finished, but knew I could do better, so joining a training group seemed like the next step. With the support of RPD, in Fall 2015, I finished three half marathons in ninety days which qualified me to join the Half Fanatics – an online group of half marathon running fanatics!


A few years ago, I thought my gray hair and achy knees meant it was time to slow down, but then I went for the shortest, wheeziest, sweatiest, and most amazingly addictive run. Once I caught my breath, I tackled a Couch to 5k training app, and finishing that gave me the confidence to not only keep walking and running, but to get more fit. Now, I’ve completed biking events with my husband, gone kayaking, and even attempted stand up paddle boarding for my last birthday! My favorite activity is still a long walk/run, but looking forward, I’d like to complete an obstacle race and maybe try a duathalon (run/bike/run). Red Rocks!

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