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Kathleen Hall

Kathleen "Major" Hall

Program Director

Assistant Operations Coach

Level 2 Coach

This begins my sixth year as a DIVA, and my third year as a coach.  I know it’s hard to believe I was a couch potato, but it’s true!  I knew better, but I am not a big exercise class kind of person.  I like to be outside, so I signed up to walk the Friends of Stevens Creek 5k.  I was so proud of what I had accomplished - 3 miles.    I did pretty well, so I shared my success with a long time and very athletic friend.  She said, ” Kathleen, you are a big, strong women, you should be doing 10ks!”   I said, “it’s boring walking by myself for an hour and a half.”  But I promised I would start doing 10ks the beginning of the year. 


In about two weeks, my friend approached me and said, “ I think I found a group for you.  I see them at all the races I go to and they always seem to have a great time.”  The group was the Red Power Divas!  I read the webpage, and thought, why not?  So I went on line, filled out the application, faxed it in, and waited 5 long months to meet the Red Power Divas.  I was not disappointed at that first meeting!  What fun!  What excitement! Soon I had friends to walk with.  I learned how to be healthy and safe out on the trail. I signed up for 10ks. 


Yes, I love to compete in races, and as a walker, it is sometimes difficult, but not impossible, to win a trophy.  But that does not stop me from trying, and I have the medals to prove that you can do it!   Big RED is a big part of this transformation from couch potato to trail tigress.  There is nothing that compares with the chorus of cheers, bell ringing and the clapping of your friends in RED while crossing the finish line of a race.   Yes, I love the challenge of racing, and the chance to better my time or distance. 


I look forward to meeting with  you and working with you as we start this new year.  I would love to hear what you want to accomplish this year.  Let’s work on our goals together!  Let’s get it done!

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