Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

Team 2 Coach

Director of Membership

I joined the Red Power Divas in May 2013 after reconnecting with my childhood friend Amanda Vierra (Head Coach of the FitKidz program). In my first season with the team, I was shy and quiet, really stuck to my running buddy, and didn’t venture out to make many new friends. Then in the 2014 season, I decided to break out of my shell…slowly :) The welcoming spirit of the RPD Coaches and members made me look forward to Saturdays and race days. My personal experiences and the new friendships I made were so positive that I wondered how I could be a part of that for someone else. I knew that I wanted to be more than just a member -- I wanted to be a positive part of the leadership of RPD.


My fitness journey has been a rollercoaster with many highs and lows, but the RPD motto of “Seek Balance” has made it not so bad when I’m on the downhill slope of my life ride. The last two years have been the most exciting and balanced I’ve had in many years. I’ve made goals and stuck to them with training and planning. Since September of 2012, I’ve completed 55 races (including 4 half marathons, 1 20K, 20 10Ks, 5 8Ks, and 25 5Ks). I am so PROUD of all the fun and challenging races I’ve done, and I hope to inspire others to try some of the fun runs that are out there (mud runs, color runs, etc.).


My personal fitness goal for 2016 is to PR in our race events this season. This means sticking to a training schedule, seeking balance, and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to achieve these goals. My number one goal, however, is to be a good role model for my daughter, Kylie (a FitKidz member), and show her a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise that is fun, not a chore. On my journey this season I hope to encourage and inspire my fellow RPDs, and to be a part of helping them achieve their own fitness goals.