Jeanette Yamada

For the 2017 season, I had set several goals- 1) PR in San Jose Rock 'n' Roll; 2) PR at California International Marathon; and 3) Stay injury free. I am super excited to say check, check, and check. How did I accomplish these goals? A sea of red, that's how! I want to give a big shout out to fellow Coach Danny Yamada for pacing me and pushing me when I was running out of juice and to fellow Coach Yvonne Castillo and members Abhi Joshi and Christina Cordona for braving the rains and cold winter mornings to keep me company on those long runs. I am forever grateful for your time, support, and friendship!

As we embark on the 11th season, my 6th as a Coach, I have one primary goal - I would like to give back to my fellow RPDs.  My goal is to help you reach your goal, whatever that may be. I am here, there, everywhere wherever you need me to be. All I ask in return is that you believe in yourself as much I believe in you. Together we can do it!

Jeanette Yamada

Half Marathon Coach

Assistant Program Director

Head Coach, FitKidz