JB Ramsey

JB Rasey

Team 3 Coach

My journey with the Red Power Divas began in 2014 when I decided to sign up for the San Jose Rock & Roll Half Marathon. The idea behind signing up for the half marathon was to see how much of it I could actually run. Since I have joined the group the amount of support, motivation and inspiration has been incredible! This has made a big impact on how I am involved with my running and other fitness activities, so much that I wanted to share that same positivity by helping out as a coach.


My fitness journey began in 2009 when I began with a 3 mile walk. I was able to build up from the walking to get to a point where I was ready to expand my goals, which included many other activities. When I signed up with the Red Power Divas I began my journey into running. Since joining the group, I have been able to achieve many new accomplishments while having an extremely positive and supportive experience. I have participated in 7 running events in 2014 and 20 (including 3 virtual races) in 2015. My personal goals for 2016 are to keep the momentum going and help with providing support, enthusiasm, and inspiration that I received when I joined.