Janine Spivey

Janine Spivey

Striders Coach

I have been a member of the Red Power Divas for 4 years.  I joined the Red Power Divas after seeing them in a few races that I had done. I love to hear that bell at the finish line.  It helped keep me motivated, as at times it was hard to do them all by myself.  But I knew I was doing it for me and no one else. I was excited and honored to be invited by Sharon to become a coach.

My journey started a few years back when I went for a physical after my heart surgery.  After a long talk with my doctor, he asked me what kind of exercise I had done or have been doing for myself. (Well, you are talking to someone who never exercised her whole life.)   He asked me if I did not exercise, because I did not have the time or make the time.  That statement stuck with me.  I started walking just 15 minutes a day and then decided to challenge myself.  I started with a 5K and worked myself to do my first ½ marathon in 2011.   I now do a race once a month and walk nightly.

Currently I have done over 90 races.  I have a wall of all my bibs and medals that keep me motivated to keep going.

I would like to help motivate others to stay healthy and know that you do not have to run to keep fit.  Walking is good and helps the heart and mind just as good as running.

My goal this year:  To stay in shape, keep walking and helping others when I can.