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Eric Ruybal

Raymond Nacorda

Core/Strength/Speed Training Coach

Level 1 Coach

I joined Red Power Divas/Divos in 2015 with my wife Lucie Magana, expecting to be there for moral support and not much else.  I'm a pretty reserved person by nature, but the social atmosphere and extremely welcoming attitudes of the group really helped pull me out of my shell, and I quickly felt like I was part of a family.  Even though I was struggling with some knee problems and wasn't able to walk very far, I still felt strongly encouraged and supported, and was able to participate in a few events by riding my bike instead of walking or running.  At other events when I couldn't ride, I still enjoyed cheering on my fellow RPD members at the finish line, and really embraced the supportive attitude of the group.

Since then, I’ve had knee replacement surgeries on both knees, was asked to be a Coach starting the 2016 season, and am currently head coach of the Core/Strength Training Series along with my wife.  I participated in my first 10K in 2018, have done back to back 10K events in 2019, and am looking into doing my first half marathon later this year.

I’ve used my personal experience with knee injury and recovery, and my knowledge of strength and core training, to adapt my coaching skills for all levels of mobility and comfort levels, and I strive to bring the same support and positive attitude to all RPD members that welcomed me when I first joined.

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