Elaine Vierra

Elaine Vierra

Member Ambassador &

Trailhead Director

I have been a proud member of the Red Power Divas since their 2007 season. Since joining the team, I have completed several 5Ks. I am a slow walker, but I'm out there trying my best and finishing races. I’ve attended dozens of other RPD team race events, waving pom-poms and cheering on the sidelines for my fellow Divas/Divos.


As the RPD Member Ambassador, I am here to welcome everyone, support and encourage my fellow Divas and Divos, walk with anyone who needs someone to walk with, and (of course) share plenty of Diva hugs and high-fives. As Trailhead Director, I will make sure all of our equipment makes it from the basketball court to the trailhead on Saturday mornings. You’ll find me at the trailhead table wearing a big Diva smile, answering any questions you have, and cheering everyone on.