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Eileen Consiglio

Eileen Consiglio

Level 3 Coach

I have been a member of RPD since 2014 and look forward to returning to Coach again this season.  I've been grateful to the RPD team since the very beginning, as they've helped me to reach my own fitness and endurance goals.


I could not have even dreamed of completing a half marathon if I did not have the constant support of this terrific group.  Even when injury or setbacks occurred, I could count on the ever present sea of red shirts on Saturday mornings to help me get in the mood to train, and many times, for more miles than I thought I could do that day.


Should you need a partner to train with, or someone to inspire you while you reach your own health/training goals, look no further than the members of the Red Power Divas.  A great group indeed.

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