Daneya Denson

Daneya Denson

5K/10K Coach

FitKidz Coach

I joined the Red Power Divas in 2010 after I signed up for the San Francisco Marathon to help me train and keep me motivated. When I signed up for the marathon, I was not a runner and my longest running distance was one mile, but I was determined to prove to myself I could set a goal and do it. I ended up finishing the San Francisco marathon and signed up for another that same year.

In 2011, I was pregnant with my third baby, so my focus switched to keeping healthy during the pregnancy instead of pushing myself. I began bringing my twins every week instead of just once a month on “fit kidz day” because they loved it so much. Zachary made his debut one week after the Red Rock Challenge (which I did run with my twins and placed in the top three!)

My goal for 2017 revolves is to have fun and enjoy time with the kids. RED ROCKS and FITKIDZ RULE!