Christine Marcoida

Chris Marcoida

5K/10K Coach

I’m excited to return to the 2017 training season as an RPD Coach and team cheerleader. I have completed a number of 5K and 10K races, with the longest distance being the Red Rocks Challenge 20K (12.4 miles). It’s my hope to one day complete a half marathon.  My personal goals for 2017 are to stay healthy, have fun, and connect with our new members!

 I love being part of this community of women, men, and kids, all on the fitness path and FUN! This is a really special group of human beings, and I am honored to be a Coach!

 As a Coach, I will cheer and encourage you to accomplish more than you ever thought you could on the trail – walking or running – and just getting out there! I hope we get a chance to walk with each other this season and chat on the trail or at the Campbell track. I’m looking forward to being with you in the coming season!