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Amanda Vierra

Amanda Vierra

Program Director

FitKidz Coach

I have been coaching the FitKidz since 2008 and have a BLAST with it! I was I have been part of the RPD family since its inception in 2007. I grew up around 49er football and a whole lot of soccer. I figure skated and played softball, basketball, and volleyball in grade school, then found hockey (floor, ice, and roller). Those were all short-distance workouts, so distance walking/running was a new venture for me. As a Diva, I started slowly and worked my way up to completing my first half marathon in 2007. Since then, I have completed two half marathons (San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll and Disneyland), and a bunch of 10Ks, 5Ks, with a few 12Ks in the mix as well. My favorite races have to be the Sharks Fitness Faceoff and the San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll 5K/10K because I get to complete them with the FitKidz!

I was more than happy to step in and be this year’s Program Director, supporting the team’s growth and pizazz! My fondness for coaching comes from being a counselor and consultant in my profession, so it was a natural transition for me. I listen, watch others, encourage, and give feedback on how to effectively tweak their performance. I chose to coach the FitKidz team because -- to put it frankly -- I like to think I’m still a kid! Plus, how much fun is it to hang out with kids and have a water balloon fight on a hot morning after walking and running a few miles!?

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