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Judge Sharon Chatman
Red Power Divas at the Run for Super Bowl 50
Red Power Divas' booth at Run for the Super Bowl 50

Founded in May 2007 by Sharon Chatman -- Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge and founder of the nonprofit agency Building Peaceful Families -- the Red Power Divas is a motivated group of women (Divas), men (Divos), and children (FitKidz) dedicated to seeking balance, supporting one another, and living active, healthy lives. When our first season started, the Divas membership included about 60 people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Today, our membership is nearly 1,600 strong. Everyone is welcome to be a Diva/Divo!


"A few years ago, I thought completing a marathon would not have been possible. As a matter of fact, it would have been laughable. At 255 pounds, I could barely walk around the block without every part of my body aching. But with a change in diet, consistent exercise, and the guidance and encouragement of those around me, I began to believe I could achieve this incredible milestone. Today, after shedding more than 100 pounds and completing several marathons, I consider what my supporters and friends gave me to be an exceptional gift. I want to pass this gift on to others. Red Power Divas is my first step in that direction."

- Sharon Chatman


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