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The Red Power Divas is a Building Peaceful Families program that welcomes members of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. The RPD mission is to provide a solid network of support - where everyone is welcomed, encouraged, nurtured and coached to meet their fitness goals.

Since 2007, membership in the Divas has grown to nearly 1,600 women (Divas), men (Divos), and children (FitKidz). There are no fees to join, no fundraising, and no guilt!  


It's All About Seeking Balance

​No Fees

No Fundraising

No Guilt

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Have you been thinking about joining RPD but just never quite got around it it?  Well now's the time.  It's FREE, it's EASY, and it will get your new year off to a great start.


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Winter Training

Something a little different in March!

Winter 2020


Saturday, March 7th

Campbell Community Center Track

8 a.m.


Our March winter training will be a boot camp!  Coaches Raymond and Lucie will be back to preview their regular season Thursday night workout at the Campbell Community Center track.  Don't be scared by "boot camp" - it's for all levels, a great workout at your own pace, and tons of fun!

Call us:


PO Box 261

Campbell, CA 95009-0261

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